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Is Your Marketing Strategy Effective?

August 10, 2017

What do you really mean by marketing? More than a business term, it is simply a way of conveying the message about a product or a service to the customers. This is a key aspect of any organization involved in any type of business irrespective of whether is a food item, vehicle, beauty care product etc. It is vital that companies should invest considerably on their marketing activities. Without making your customers aware of the features of your product or service, how would you expect them to come and buy it? That’s the logic. If you are a part of the marketing team, have you ever come across a situation where your manager told you that the marketing strategy is not effective and you have to find ways in which to improve it. What would you do? Let’s look at some of them.

Focus on key customers

There’s a business concept called Pareto’s principle. It describes 80/20 rule. That means, 80% of the customers bring 20% sales, whereas the other 20% brings 80% sales. Therefore, what you have to do is to focus on that 20% rather than wasting time on convincing the less important 80% who generates only 20% sales. Make sense right?

Accurate data analysis

You can fix your issues related to the marketing strategy by carrying out a detailed analysis. You can use a suitable analytical tool to do this such google analytics. In addition, you could even conduct a survey to see how well your customers respond to your business. If you get these information right, you will be able to use them for your advantage.


Don’t be in a rush to expect immediate responses from customers. It will take some time and keep moving forward at an average pace. Be consistent with every action you take to market your product.

Adapt to the change

This is of utmost importance if you are a real marketer. Technology and innovation are doing wonders in this world. Hence, you cannot stick to traditional methods and expect big results. That is the same with marketing as well. Like those days, today your customer will never be bothered to read the leaflets you give them. That is out dated. So why not something like web video marketing?

How easy and handy it is to deliver your message through an eye catching audiovisual? Kids to adults, anyone would prefer that. Because YouTube, Facebook, those are at finger tips in the modern corporate world.However, do you think it is going to be costly to create an audiovisual? Obviously you cannot do it on your own as you are not a audiovisual producer but a marketer. There are plenty of firms who could do a business video production Brisbane for you at a reasonable price. So try one of them and get it done quickly.Marketers need to be updated in every minute, otherwise your marketing strategy will remain way below than your competitors. Do you want to let that happen? Ask yourself!